Why It’s So Hard To Apologize: The 6 Steps To Give A Heartfelt Apology

3. Watch Your Tone And Body Language

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  • To rid ourselves of guilt, or get forgiveness.

Why Is It So Hard?

Getting some people to admit they were wrong is like pulling teeth.

If you want to master the art of apologies make sure you hit these 6 steps:

1. Start By Saying You Are Sorry

An apology is an acknowledgment of your actions and your understanding of how they affected someone else. If you don’t even bother with apologizing, then there is no acknowledgment or accountability being taken.

2. Leave The “Butt” Out Of It

Saying ‘I’m sorry but…”, is a way of apologizing without holding yourself responsible. It says it’s your fault, not mine.

3. Watch Your Tone And Body Language

Words mean nothing if they're paired with crossed arms and an eye roll.

4. Make Sure You Mean It

Don’t be a serial apologizer, trust me I know this one I’m Canadian.

5. Take Accountability

When we don’t take accountability, our actions kind of just sit there festering in the air. It turns into the elephant in the room that no one is talking about.

6. Follow It With Changed Behavior

Without changed behavior, your apology is essentially worthless.


6 Steps to an apology

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