5 Cheap And Easy Ways To Be Sustainable With Your Fashion

4. Treat your clothing with respect

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A huge argument against sustainable fashion is the high price points of many sustainable brands. Well in their defense, they are using good quality fabrics, paying their workers a proper wage, and using ethical practices in manufacturing.

With fashion, you are not only paying for the item of clothing, you are paying for the whole process that goes on behind the scenes. When you are buying a shirt that is $10, in that $10 it includes fabric, worker wage, marketing, manufacturing costs, distribution costs, and also profits. So where do you think they are cutting corners?

I can guarantee it’s not in profit.

I get it, you want to be able to go shopping and buy current trends, and have a wardrobe full of fun options you could wear to any occasion.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the top contributors to the world’s carbon emissions and water pollution. If we all took a slight minimalistic approach, we could help the earth take a sigh of relief.

Trying to shop ethically can be stressful if you can’t afford to solely shop from sustainable brands. So, here are 5 tips on how to approach your clothing that can help you make sustainable choices on a budget.

Cheap And Easy Ways To Be Sustainable

1. Shop Second Hand

Shopping second hand gives already loved clothes a new life, since you are buying a piece of clothing that has already been cycled through you are preventing it from going into a landfill. Shopping second hand is sustainable for a number of reasons, one big one being it stops you from buying a new piece of clothing from a brand that uses unsustainable practices. In terms of cheapness, it’s even cheaper than most fast fashion brands!

2. Be More Mindful With Your Purchases

Don’t mindlessly shop for items or buy something just because it’s on sale. Make a list of things you want so you don’t shop randomly without purpose. I know it’s fun to shop, and you can still do that but only buy things that you are going to wear, and things you’ll wear over a long period of time. Having a wardrobe full of good basics that will last you a long time with a small number of trendy items will save you money, closet space and decrease the amount of clothing waste.

3. Quality Over Quantity

When your clothes are good quality they will last longer, look good longer, and need to be replaced less. Yes, good quality seems to be correlated with a higher price point but it’s better to buy one pair of leggings that will last 5+ years than multiples over that period of time that fall apart. Viewing clothing as an investment is the goal because constantly replacing worn-out clothing is wasteful and expensive.

4. Treat Your Clothing With Respect

You know that little label with washing instructions on it? Follow it! Obviously, regular wear and tear is unavoidable, but please don’t throw your activewear in with the towels. It’s so sad when your clothes get damaged because of carelessness, it’s worth the attention to detail to protect your favorite sweater. Also look for ways to refresh your existing clothing like investing in a defuzzer, a tool that removes pilling that will keep your clothes looking better for longer.

5. Regularly Clean Out Your Wardrobe

You don’t need to get rid of things you love but donate the things you’ll realistically never wear again. Cleaning out your closet can also reintroduce you to pieces you’ve forgotten about. We have all been there where we feel like we have nothing to wear while looking at a closet full of clothes, sometimes you just need to get creative.

Implementing these 5 tips will help you be able to be more sustainable without breaking the bank. Doing the right thing is sometimes the harder decision, because our world is based off of convenience. Thankfully the fashion industry is seeing sustainable fashion become the new norm.

As consumers have a lot of power, where we choose to spend our money depicts what succeeds and what fails. The best way to stop these fast fashion brands is to stop shopping from them, and instead put your money where your values are.

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