Are You Heartbroken Or Is it your Ego?

It’s not them, it’s you.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Dirty vs Clean pain

That pain of losing someone you loved and losing everything that came with it. This is pure and it's good to let yourself feel it. You are grieving the loss of that person and your relationship; it literally feels like someone has died. In a lot of cases, the aftermath is the same because they are just out of your life for good.

How it’s you.

Check-in with your attachment style

How it’s them

Emotional immaturity

Ending with advice

In the end, no answer or reason they give you will ever be enough. Closure is a myth, at least in the way we look at it. You don’t need it to move on and heal.

“ If in 2 years you were to find someone with all the same good qualities this person has, would you still want this person back?”

The answer for me was always no.

People are special because we make them special.

Passionate about mental health. Psychology & Victimology Grad. Will do anything to laugh.

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