We All Go Through It.

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Have you ever taken yourself out of the running for an opportunity just to see it go to someone else who wasn’t even close to being qualified?

I have. It stings.

It turns into an ongoing cycle of you doubting yourself, so you take yourself out of the running for an opportunity. Which just then proves to you, that you didn’t deserve that opportunity, to begin with.

“You miss every shot you don’t take” — Wayne Gretzky

While people are out here, taking every shot imaginable.

1. Everyone Fakes It Sometimes

Fake it until you make it — and all…

People Will Always Remember How You Made Them Feel

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I used to walk away from interactions with people feeling — icky. I wouldn’t know why. They weren’t being mean or saying anything that was actually offensive. But still I felt turned off by our conversation.

Then there are some people who are masters at being able to break you down without using their words. Leaving you confused and unable to explain why or how they hurt you.

It made me become hyper aware of how my message will be received by other people. …

3. Watch Your Tone And Body Language

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I used to think that people who wouldn’t apologize or admit they were wrong, were just being difficult. I thought they were choosing to not acknowledge my feelings and how their actions affected me. Or that they didn’t even care.

I used to take it personally like I wasn’t worth apologizing to, I realized it’s much deeper than me.

The reasons we choose to give apologies are normally because:

  • They deserve an apology.
  • To rid ourselves of guilt, or get forgiveness.

The reasons we don’t give apologies are more complex.

Why Is It So Hard?

Getting some people to admit they were wrong is like…

What I learned When Entering The Real World

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The job market is awful, from every angle imaginable. Unless you have connections coming out of wazoo or a trust fund to fall back on, it’s terrifying.

The first time I graduated I was excited to get out into the world, I was tired of school and I was over being broke. I quickly realized that the working world wasn’t easy to navigate through, and I had many broke years ahead of me.

The second time I graduated, was in 2020. So, I was off to a rough start, to begin with…

It’s not them, it’s you.

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I hope I’m not alone when I say this but real heartbreak pain feels good, it feels cathartic. Like you’re releasing all of this energy off your chest. It’s a deeply humbling experience and it’s a moment where you get to feel raw human emotion.

With true pain comes true insight into yourself and the world around you. There’s a reason why so much beautiful creative work comes out of heartbreak.

What doesn’t feel good is the prolonged suffering we put ourselves through after those real emotions fade. When your self-esteem gets knocked down making you question your value and…

Tidying Up Everything That Doesn’t Bring You Joy.

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Is it bringing you personal growth, progress at work, creativity, or laughter?

When something isn’t working in our external reality, we question it. A negative person who always brings you down or a type of food that always makes you nauseous. We’re quick to zero down on those things and get rid of them. But when it comes to questioning our thoughts, emotions, and mental energy, we tend to drop the ball.

We need to routinely check in on ourselves and challenge the thoughts that not only don’t bring us joy but…

To Have a Healthy Longlasting Relationship

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Love can be all-consuming, obsessive, and blinding but is it enough? The answer is an overwhelming no. Most relationships don’t end because there is a lack of love, they end for reasons besides it.

If you’ve been in a relationship where love wasn’t the issue you know what I’m talking about. Love is just one ingredient that you need to have a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Here are things to look out for:

1. Compatibility

I’ve heard both sides of this coin, in that compatibility is the most important or that compatibility doesn’t really matter. …

Em Hudd

Passionate about mental health. Psychology & Victimology Grad. Will do anything to laugh.

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